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If your looking to have fun while fishing and camping in beautiful Lake Havasu City, Arizona you have come to the right place. Join today...it's free!

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Why Join our fishing club?

Our club is made up of a group of fishing friends that love to fish this beautiful lake in Arizona!

When we get together, everyone has a great time and we fish and camp at different spots through out the year. This helps everyone get to know one another while enjoying their family and our club members!

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Come join us for some of the best camping trips! 

If you want to Fish, Camp and have a good time, Join our simple fishing club today. We are currently scheduled for 2 trips this year (2021) and would love to have you as a part of the fun! 

Let's get fishing!

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Our Club


We love to do activities when we are out camping with the kids like pin the tail on the donkey,sack races and much more

Fishing Caravans

We all travel together from place to place. This makes it more fun for everyone!


All members are required to be safe when we are together at all times!

Where do we go?

We go to different camping spots throughout Lake Havasu City. Members help share the cost of all trips.

from our members

Some great pictures from our club


Shelby and her Dad

Fun and fishing


2.7 LBS small Mouth



About ready to get a strike

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